Indo-Cymru Student Conference – Beyond the Boundaries

KIRAN, the knowledge-based Intercommunity Relationship and Awareness Network, in partnership with Kings Monkton School, Cardiff and Delhi Public School, Newtown Kolkata, has organised a student conference on 23 Jan 2019. We have organised this discussion in the Kings Monkton School, Cardiff. The pupils of Delhi Public School have participated from Kolkata through Skype.
The pupils of both Schools between the age group of 14-18 have participated in the conference. It was a live event while the students asked questions to a panel of delegates on the topics of immigration, education finance. The group, including scholars, educationists, social leaders and government officials answered the questions. Moreover, it clarified the points raised by the students.
Notable speakers and panellists on the day included Mr Paul Dear, the then Head of Equality of the Welsh Government and Dr Grace Kerry, Director Gift of Grace Education Project. Neil Mukerji, a year 10 student of Kings Monkton School, has chaired the event.

The outcome of the event

  1. The event allowed the students from two different countries (India and the UK) to connect and collaborate. The students have exchanged views and information relating to some pressing international issues.
  2. The event has taught students from two different countries how to work in a cross-cultural setup
  3. The students had the opportunity to come face-to-face with social leaders, scholars and Government officials. They were able to discuss the topics affecting their own future with the decision-makers.

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