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Our Achievements - How we promote wellbeing?

KIRAN Cymru runs regular projects involving cultural and heritage subjects to promote well being of community members. We have organised numerous projects and events in Wales to increase community inclusion and reduce social isolation. We could not organise any face-to-face activities in 2020 – 21 due to COVID 19 restrictions. However, we have been active on virtual platforms, e.g., google meet and zoom, to promote community wellbeing during the pandemic. Some of our projects are,, Please check our project page for more information. 

All of our projects are shaped by community members and driven by community interests and demands. A number of our projects are currently ongoing. Following are the projects that have been completed in the past. 

KIRAN Cymru is committed to improving the wellbeing of people living in Wales, with a particular focus on BAME people. However, all of our activities are ‘open to all’, and we welcome everyone to participate. We currently have several projects to promote wellbeing.  Please see below to learn about the projects and visit their respective websites.  

KAVIGAN - Inclusion through Art and Culture

We organised this project to bring members from different communities together through Indian and Welsh Art and Culture. About 150 people from different parts of Wales, including community members, professional artists, and many community groups, have taken part in this project. The final event included recitation, music and dance as per English, Welsh and Bengali traditions.

We have two workshops followed by the final show at Kings Monkton School Cardiff. Mrs Uzo Iwobi, the specialist Policy Adviser of Wales Government, has been present in the function. Mr Raj K Aggarwal, Honorary Consul of India in Wales, has also kindly attended the programme. Both Mrs Iwobi and Mr Aggarwal have appreciated the effort and expressed interest in seeing this type of initiative in the future. 


We carried out the project NAMASTE in 2020. The National Lottery Fund Wales has funded the project. About 275 people living mainly in Wales have participated in workshops, training, seminars, meet-ups and the final production. The project ‘NAMASTE’ has been completed, and community members will share the project’s benefits for coming years.

The project allowed community members to take part actively in regular cultural and heritage events. This has resulted in improved community well being, social inclusion and reduction in hatred. Following events were organised as parts of the project NAMASTE.

Heritage Talk

KIRAN Cymru has organised this event as a part of the project NAMASTE. Community members have expressed interest in discussing some of the characters depicted in MAHABHARATA, one of the two epics of India. They have decided to talk about ‘Shakuni’, one of the main characters in the epic.

The event included a workshop, research and discussion among community members over two afternoons. About 15 people have joined the event from different parts of Wales. We have given a synopsis of the writing to everyone to come prepared for the event. It was a very successful event, and all of the participants were very happy.

Cardiff Theatre

We carried on this project as a part of the project NAMASTE. Cardiff Theatre is the multicultural theatre team of KIRAN Cymru. There are about 20 participants from Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, German, British White communities who have performed a stage play called ‘A Murder in Silence’. The play was written and directed by Anirban Mukhopadhyay and was staged in YMCA Cardiff.

The participants have rehearsed for almost six months at Kings Monkton School over the weekends. They were asked to bring their family and friends. So it was an excellent opportunity for community inclusion. 

Community Dining

We have organised several community dinings as part of the project NAMASTE. People from different communities have joined over a cooked meal while discussing their respective cultures and heritage.

These events have brought people from different communities together, including Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Somalian, African, Nepalese etc. Community members were able to connect and make new friends. These were unique befriending opportunities for the community members. As a result, these events have improved wellbeing and reduced social isolation. 

Literary Corner

KIRAN Cymru has organised a Literary Corner as a part of the project NAMASTE. People from different communities have joined the event to read and discuss a short story or poem from their writings or something they have read. There were arrangements for free snacks, light meals and hot drinks.

About 20 authors and writers and 40 audiences have participated in the event. People were delighted to connect with their friends. There are high demands for this type of event. 

Diversity Day 2019

We organised Diversity day in 2019 to celebrate social diversities and uphold the positive effects of different cultures and communities in our society. About 275 people, mainly living in Wales, from Indian, Somalian, Nigerian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, South African, Latin American backgrounds, have taken part in the event. The event included cultural performances by professional artists representing different forms of Art, Culture and Heritage.

We have received a best wishes letter from Ms Jane Hutt AM Deputy Minister and Chief Whip. Among the notable dignitaries, Mr Raj K Aggarwal, OBE, DL, Honorary Consul of India in Wales, Mrs Uzo Iwobi, Specialist Equality Adviser of Welsh Government, Mrs Bet Davies, Deputy Lieutenant, representatives from Royal Navy and Royal Airforce,  Representative from the Lottery Funding have attended the function. This event has brought people from different backgrounds together, engaged them through meaningful interaction and educated them about social diversities present in Wales. 

Cardiff Theatre Festival 2019

KIRAN Cymru organised Cardiff Theatre Festival in 2019 May. Theatre groups from Bristol, Netherlands, have participated in the programme and KIRAN Cymru’s theatre group, Cardiff Theatre. There were other Wales based organisations performed in the festival.

About 150 people have joined the final event, including performers and the audience. The groups prepared for the show for almost six months. 

Cardiff Tabla Academy 2019

KIRAN Cymru has run a Tabla class in Cardiff to give lessons in Tabla playing. The lessons were free and voluntarily given by Anirban Muhopadhyay. The academy has to stop because of COVID 19 pandemic. However, we plan to restart Tabla tuition soon. 

Saree Day 2019

KIRAN Cymru organised Saree Day to raise awareness about South-East Asian culture and heritage among local communities. Ladies, along with their husbands and children, were invited to the event. One free Saree was given to each lady participant. They all put on Saree, had snacks along with their family and friends. 

About 25 families, including adults and children, took part in the event at the Kings Monkton School, Cardiff. 

Indo-Cymru Student Conference 2019

KIRAN Cymru organised an Indo-Cymru student conference involving students from Delhi Public School, Newtown, Kolkata and Kings Monkton School, Cardiff. Several panellists from different walks of life, such as Solicitor, Faith Leaders, representatives of Government. The students of both schools have had the opportunities to ask questions on immigration, human rights etc.

The students of the Indian school have joined the conference through skype. Neil Mukerji, the then year 10 student of Kings Monkton School, has chaired the meeting. Mr Paul Dear, the then Chair of the Welsh Government Equality Team, has attended the conference and praised the initiative as appropriate and most needed. 

Outreach event at Splot Market, Cardiff

KIRAN Cymru often organises outreach events to connect to local community members. One of such events was organised at the Splot Market, Cardiff. We have set up a tea stall offering complimentary tea and coffee to the public. 

It was a unique experience to talk to community members about the importance of diversity in our society.

Bangla Sandhya 2018

KIRAN Cymru organised a Bengali Cultural event in 2018 including its homegrown theatre group from Cardiff and other cultural groups from Cardiff, Bristol and surrounding areas. 

There were dance, songs and theatre performances in the programme. 

KIRAN Cymru Inauguration 2018

KIRAN Cymru was officially inaugurated in 2018 at Pierhead Building Cardiff. The opening ceremony has been attended by many dignitaries, community leaders, and social activists, notable among them were Mrs Uzo Iwobi, the then CEO and founder of Race Council CymruMs Jenny Rathbone, AM and Mr Mark Isherwood, AM., Mr Raj K Aggarwal, OBE, DL Honorary Consul for India in Wales, Mr Paul Norton, Principal Kings Monkton School and Trustee KIRAN Cymru. About 150 people from all over Wales have attended the event. 

The importance of an organisation like KIRAN Cymru that works with all communities in our society, instead of serving one particular community, has been highly appreciated by the speakers and audience alike. 

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