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KIRAN Cymru is a grassroots organisation based in Cardiff. The word KIRAN is the acronym for The Knowledge-based Intercommunity Relationship and Awareness Network. We are a non-political and non-religious constituted group working to build resilience and promote mental well-being in local communities. 

We are open to all and welcome people of all ages and abilities. Our beneficiaries include people of White British, European, Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Afghani, African, white British and European descent. We particularly focus on people over 65 and people from Black and Asian Minority Ethnic backgrounds.

Where does KIRAN Cymru work?

We primarily work for the people living in Wales. In addition, we also organise events and workshops which involve people from further afield.

How do we promote wellbeing in local communities?

We aim to promote wellbeing in local communities by upholding social diversity and community inclusion. Moreover, by engaging local people through art, culture and heritage, we encourage openness, tolerance and equality in our local communities. We listen to people from all walks of life continuously and align our course of action to meet the needs of people and communities. 

What do we do to promote wellbeing in local communities?

We organise various befriending activities regularly based on Arts, Culture and Heritage to engage people actively. For instance, we organise literary meet, cultural programmes and community get-togethers.
Our outreach and social inclusion programmes include regular activities in the following two areas, e.g., Heritage and Arts. If you want to take part in our activities or have any idea, please talk to us. 


We engage community members through their heritage by organising heritage walks, heritage visits, discussions etc. People are encouraged to connect through heritage and celebrate their past. In 2019 we arranged free heritage visits (Rhondda Coal Mines) for the people of Wales.

In our pilot project, ‘Circular Living’, we gather old, unused clothes from local communities and recreate home decors with heritage design.


We organise Art and Cultural events, workshops and training opportunities throughout the year to allow community members to take part actively. Examples of our Arts and Cultural initiatives include Theatre Group, Book Club, Tabla and Piano Class, Film show, Culinary Class, discussion, movie watching, Community Dinner etc. We have free pick up and drop off service (subject to availability) for elderly people. Please let us know if you want to join our regular activities.

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