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Our Team

Our Board:
Mr Paul Norton
Mrs Jane Ghosh
Mr Sudip Chatterjee (Co-opted)
Dr Madhusree Mitra Ghosh
Mr Pabitra Ghosh
Dr Grace Kerry

Project Steering Committee:
Mrs Tamasree Mukhopadhyay
Mrs Intiser Yousuf
Mr ANirban Mukhopadhyay
Mrs Bet Davies
Miss Ify Iwobi
Mr Neil Mukerji (Co-opted)

Organisational Structure



KIRAN Cymru is a non-profit, apolitical and secular organisation building resilience and promoting well-being in local communities in Wales. The word KIRAN is the acronym for The Knowledge-based Intercommunity Relationship and Awareness Network. We are a grassroots organisation and all of our activities are community-facing and driven by community choices. We are open to all and welcome people of all ages and abilities. Our beneficiaries include people of White British, European, Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Afghani, African, white British and European descent. We particularly focus on people over 65 and people from Black and Asian Minority Ethnic backgrounds.

We organise different projects throughout the year to fulfil our aims and objectives. As a bottom-up, people’s organisation, we listen to our communities and organise our projects and activities according to the choice of community members.  

KIRAN Cymru is a constituted organisation and we are governed by a constitution. We have a three-tier organisational structure to ensure effective functioning and governance, e.g., Board, Project Steering Committee and Project Core Committee(s). As a community-facing organisation, we always welcome new and fresh ideas in our activities. Our Board is entrusted with the protection of our constitution and ensures that all our activities are within the ambit of our constitution and are organised only to enhance the aims and objectives of KIRAN Cymru.

Board: The highest body of administration in KIRAN Cymru is the Board. It is also known as the management committee. The Board has a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 11 members. Each member will have one vote. The Board has the power to co-opt any member. The co-opted Board member will not have any vote. 

The Board fulfils the following duties:

  1. Protecting and upholding the Constitution,
  2. Strategic and organisational planning,
  3. Ensuring strong fiduciary oversight and financial management,
  4. Fundraising and resource development.

The Board is elected for three years. The members can be re-elected for up to two terms. The positions of Board members are voluntary, they do not receive any payment or remuneration for their services. They kindly contribute on a voluntary basis to uphold the aims and objectives of KIRAN Cymru.

Project Steering Committee: It works under the guidance and supervision of the Board: The Steering Committee operates under the control of the Board and oversees the projects of KIRAN Cymru from Planning up to the final delivery. The steering committee includes stakeholders and representatives from within the organisation and also external representatives, Consultants and external service providers etc. The Steering Committee includes paid positions and volunteers as well. 

A steering committee is an advisory group helps project teams set direction, scope, goals, budgets, and timelines. It suggests if any changes are required and informs the Project Committee about delivering project outputs and achieving project outcomes.

The Board regulate the functioning of the Steering Committee. The recommendations of the Steering Committee are advisory and need approval by the Board.  

The Steering Committee is elected for three years. The members can be re-elected for up to two terms. The Steering Committee makes decisions based on the consensus process.

Project Core Committee(s): A Project Core Committee is responsible for the successful functioning of one or more projects. There are normally one or more Project Core Committees working to implement different projects. These committees work with the project manager, consultants (where appropriate) and users to determine the detailed requirements related to specific projects and manage them successfully. The Project Core Committee works under the guidance of the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee only ensures that it works within the ambit of allocated resources, e.g., time and money. 

The Project Core Committee is constituted for individual projects and is project-specific. The members of the committee are normally engaged for the duration of a project or part of the project. It is normally headed by a project manager and project coordinator. In the case of a large project with multiple milestones, there can be more than one project manager or project coordinator. The Project Manager in association with the Project Co-ordinator and other paid members, consultants and volunteers manage the project until completion. The Project Manager reports to the Steering Committee and if necessary to the Board in terms of constraints, e.g., Time and Money, of individual projects.

Project Core Committee members are selected for individual projects depending on their skill set and availability. In some projects, committee members may get paid while in others they work voluntarily. 

The Project Core Committee ensure that our activities are community-facing and reflect community members’ choices. The memberships between the Steering Committee and Project Committee may overlap.

In the past years, we have successfully completed various projects with financial support from many distinguished organisations. KIRAN Cymru’s previous and current funders include Welsh Government, WCVA, Community Foundation Wales, The National Lottery Community Fund, Arts Council Wales and Cardiff and Vale University Health Board.

To know the composition of a Project Core Committee with regard to a specific project, please contact us.

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