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KIRAN Cymru is a non-profit, apolitical and secular organisation. All of our activities are community facing and driven by community choice. We have a three-tier organisational structure to ensure effective functioning and governance, e.g., Board, Steering Committee, R&D and Project Committee.

Board: The highest body of administration in KIRAN Cymru is the Board. The Board fulfils the following duties:

  1. Selecting and evaluating the performance of the chief executive,
  2. Strategic and organisational planning,
  3. Ensuring strong fiduciary oversight and financial management,
  4. Fundraising and resource development.

Steering Committee: It works under the guidance and supervision of the Board: The Steering Committee operates under the control of the Board and oversees the projects of KIRAN Cymru from Planning up to the final delivery. It suggests if any changes are required and informs the Project Committee about delivering project outputs and achieving project outcomes.  

R&D and Project Committee: The R&D and Project Committee is an independent body and works under the guidance of the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee only ensures that it works within the ambit of our aims and objectives.

The R&D and Project Committee consists of community members who want to participate in the planning and delivery of our projects. It has a balanced representation of young persons and adults. The R&D members engage in various social research and publish the findings in the form of reports. In comparison, the Project members take part in the project management. Anyone living in Wales can be a part of our R&D and Project Committee. R&D members are selected for one year and can be re-selected. Project members are selected for individual projects depending on their skillset and availability.

The R&D and Project Committee ensure that our activities are community facing and reflect community members’ choices.

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