Heritage Talk

Kings Monkton School, Cardiff, 6 West Grove, Cardiff CF24 3XL
07/12/2019 1:00 pm
|| Organised by KIRAN
Approximately 15 people participated
There were approximately 15 participants of varying age groups from different communities participated in the programme.

KIRAN, The Knowledge-based Intercommunity Relationship and Awareness Network, is proud to have organised ‘Heritage Talk’ on 07-Dec-2019. This programme was held as a part of the KIRAN project – Cardiff Literary Corner. It was a free event, open to all.

There were approximately 13 participants attended the event. The participants discussed a few chapters from the epic ‘Mahabharata’. They analysed some of the characters of ‘Mahabharata’ from the personal viewpoints in the present time perspectives. ‘Mahabharata’ os one of the Indian Heritage Literature which was written more than 5 thousand years before.

The participants discussed ‘Shakuni’ and ‘Dhritarashtra’ two main characters in Mahabharata and analysed the life and actions of the characters. This gave a chance to the participants to exchange ideas and explanations about Mahabharata. In addition, the programme was quite educational, it offered a chance to the younger generation to understand the age-old epic from the elder generation.

Evidently, this was liked by all participants. KIRAN is going to organise 8 more workshops on Mahabharata in the coming months. Please contact us if you want to take part in our future ‘Heritage Talk’.

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