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Our mission - wellbeing for BAME people in Wales.


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5 Projects to Wellbeing for BAME People


KIRAN Cymru is committed to improve wellbeing for BAME people living in Wales. However, all of our activities are ‘open to all’ and we welcome everyone to participate. We currently have five projects to promote wellbeing.  Please see below to learn about the projects and visit the respective websites.  

KIRAN Legal - Free Legal Help

This is a pilot project by KIRAN Cymru. We help financially disadvantaged BAME members in Wales, by offering free legal support (Benefits, Housing and employment) and interpretation/translation services in Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, Sylheti, Punjabi and Gujrati. Please visit for more information or if you are concerned about the wellbeing of your family or friends. 

Friends in Need - Befriending Service

This is a pilot project by KIRAN Cymru. Since March 2020, we have been helping BAME people in Cardiff with their day-to-day needs, i.e., grocery shopping. 

Through our befriending service we also ring elderly community members regularly to keep in touch and overcome loneliness. Our ‘Friends in Need’ service helps BAME people in Wales to connect with other people and fight social isolation.

Our Communities Our Strength - Wellbeing for BAME People

This is a project by KIRAN Cymru. This project has started from March 2021, under which we aim to combat adverse effects of COVID 19 pandemic by creating regular and structured opportunities for BAME community members to connect with each other through virtual meet-ups, games and cultural activities. 

We offer various opportunities for all BAME people in Wales to connect with other people in virtual social meet-ups, e.g., book clubs, bridge clubs, learning musical instruments, e.g., Piano and Tabla. There is also a community musical group for you to join.

As a part of this project we have started an English Online Magazine, called Story Cloud. All community members are encouraged to take pat in creative writing. KIRAN Cymru offers free guidance and training on ‘Creative Writing’. It is an wonderful skill and can improve confidence and self-esteem of the writer.  Please contact us if you want to take part in creative writing. 
Story Cloud will publish the selected short stories, poetry and feature written by community members.

 Apart from the above, we offer other befriending services for local communities. Please contact us if you want to know more about our various community engagement services. 

Academy of Bengal-Cymru Culture and Heritage

This is a project by KIRAN Cymru that aims to promote Bengali and Welsh Art, Culture and Heritage in Wales. We have a number of activities under this project:

Golpo Cloud – This is a Bengali Magazine run by KIRAN Cymru with a view to encourage community people to read and write in Bengali. Bengal, as  language, is finding less and less usage among the Bengali Diaspora living in Wales. Golpo Cloud is the humble attempt by KIRAN Cymru to bring Bengali language back into practice among the Bengali population in Wales. Currently Golpo Cloud has more 100 writers, about 50000 hits on our website and about 2500 followers on Facebook.  Please click here to visit the magazine website. Please contact us if you want to send your writings.

Heritage Talk – KIRAN Cymru also arranges heritage events to talk about Bengali and Welsh Heritage, culture and art. Our heritage talk is currently suspended due to COVID 19 restrictions.

Heritage Tour – KIRAN Cymru organises regular day-trips to the heritage places in Wales. Community member are invited to join the day-out to explore different heritage sites and learn about the rich culture and heritage of Wales. Our heritage tour is currently suspended due to COVID 19 restrictions.

Circular Living - Give something to others

We do not INHERIT the earth from our ancestors, we BORROW it from our children'

Circular Living is a project by KIRAN Cymru to relieve the financial hardship of the community members by recycling the provision of textile and clothing.  
Under this project we collect nearly new clothing from community members and re-distribute them among those who need the clothing urgently. This project is currently suspended due to COVID 19 restrictions.
This project upholds the act of giving and creates positive feelings and a sense of reward among the donors and recipients alike. 
Please visit the website if you want to know more about Circular Living.                                                     

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